Green Bear

Baltic smooth leather boots for men Green Bear Café

COP $190.000 COP $380.000

Our boots are made of 100% Natural leather so that they accompany you for a long time, in addition, our entire manufacturing process is handmade, because for us it is essential to take care of all the details, where we select the best materials from the inside out.

The insole is made of memory foam, which could not be more comfortable !!! The softness and comfort of this template is unique, you will feel like walking in tennis shoes, and we are not exaggerating :). The Sole is in Natural rubber, because we love its three characteristics: Lightweight, durable and biodegradable. And we could not miss leather, a material that gets better over time, because the malleable effect makes it adapt to your foot, its Natural origin allows it to be also biodegradable and its quality is unmatched by any other material, we know that there you will have boots for a long time!

Can you imagine where to use them?

These companions are excellent in everyday settings, such as the office, outings with friends, and also in more natural spaces, choose that time and place and I assure you that they will be making you look and feel good in every step you take.


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