We are a brand that plants trees and here we tell you the importance of putting this seed in the care of the forests.


Trees are very important for the planet, not only for providing oxygen, but also for the generation of shade, bioclimatic regulation due to the fact that it absorbs water through its roots and returns it to the ecosystem in the form of vapor through the process called evapotranspiration, favoring humidity. This also contributes to the regulation of temperatures. In addition, they channel the winds and cool the environments passively.

As for their relationship with other organisms: they are used as food by innumerable living beings; they are the habitat of animals and other plants; They are a fundamental part of both human nutrition and our culture as they are used for ornamental, medicinal, construction purposes, obtaining fuels and fibers. Trees are related to the beautification of urban spaces and to the physical and psychological well-being of individuals, or do you not feel the good energy when you hug one of them?

They are indispensable, essential in our journey, that is why now we have our planting project in partnership with the Nagal forest, in the Pailitas region in the department of César, we are currently starting a mini forest with 100 trees, a process that we will expand with more trees thanks to your purchase. Follow us accompanying us in this eco-adventure that we will narrate and share over time, because you make it possible for today to be a reality.

Leave your green mark, walking with Green Bear.

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