Leather is a material that comes from nature, and our purpose is to give a second use to the skin from the meat industry, thus we give value to the waste, transforming it into a new product.

It is a material that has evolved with humanity, and has been present since primitive times protecting man through daily clothing, and in current times, there is a greater awareness when processing leather, guaranteeing the care of natural resources towards greater sustainability.

A few years ago, the trend of “eco leather” or “leather began", a material that has become known with a meaning far from its true nature, since it is made from plastic which generates a lot of pollution and slowness to the time to biodegrade, since it takes 5,000 years to disappear.

We understand then that leather is an environmentalist material, which contributes to a circular economy and also perfectly enters the era of slow fashion, since it has some main characteristics such as: flexibility and resistance, thus we avoid replacing promptly. products and we allow these, made of leather, to accompany us on the road for a long time.

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